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Problem 31 Easy Difficulty

Find the derivative. Simplify where possible.
$ f(x) = \tanh \sqrt x $


$\frac{\sec h^{2} \sqrt{x}}{2 \sqrt{x}}$

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Video Transcript

We have a question in which we need to find the derivative of affects equal to then, until that's You know that derivative of 10 x. D by D X. 10 x equal to six square X. six Kerekes. Okay, this is the hyperbolic function. So sick squired X. No, if you do like this. So F dash X will be six square X into differentiation of this under attacks With respect to X. one x 2 exits department by to mine as well. So this would become this will become one by two under attacks and two take a square and index. So they should be the answer. Thank you.