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Problem 14 Medium Difficulty

Find the differential of each function.
(a) $ y = \ln (\sin \theta) $
(b) $ y = \frac {e^x}{1 - e^x} $


(a) $d y=\cot \theta d \theta$
(b) $d y=\frac{e^{x}}{\left(1-e^{x}\right)^{2}} d x$


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Video Transcript

using the chain rule. We know we have won over you. Times Co sign data, which is equivalent to co sign Thea over. Sign of data, which is equivalent to Coach Tangent. There therefore do. Why is code tangent Did, uh do you think? Okay for this one? Using the question rules F one genius FT one over G squared over the denominator squared D Y is either the axe over one minus two. The ax squared dx.