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Problem 39 Medium Difficulty

Find the domain and sketch the graph of the function.

$ f(x) = 1.6x - 2.4 $


Domain: $(-\infty, \infty)$

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Liana A.

September 11, 2020

sorry but you didn't sketch the graf true

Video Transcript

here we have a function. It's a linear function. We want to find the domain and sketch the graph. So a linear function is in the category of polynomial Z, and all polynomial have a domain of all real numbers. This is because, remember, the domain is the set of numbers inputs that are really that give you real outputs the set of riel inputs that give you really outputs and you can plug any rial number you want in for X. Multiply it by 1.6. It's still riel. Subtract 2.4 from it. It's still real. So the domain is all real numbers now for the graph. These numbers aren't super user friendly. So instead of just trying to use that slope to find points, I'm going to go ahead and find two points first. So if x zero we get a Y value of negative 2.4, that's going to be our Y intercept. We can plot that point and then if X is, too, we get a Y value of 0.80 point eight so we can plot that point as well. Roughly, it's a rough sketch, and then we're going to draw the line that goes through those points