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Problem 33 Medium Difficulty

Find the domain of the function.

$ f(t) = \sqrt[3]{2t - 1} $


$(-\infty, \infty)$

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Video Transcript

we're going to find the domain of this function. And so a lot of times it works really well. If you think about the parent function, that is the simplified version of your function. So here we see a cube root function, I would call its parent function F of T equals a Q Bert of teeth. That's the most basic you brew function on picture what that looks like. Hopefully you have a picture of that in your mind. If not, you could use a calculator or something that would give you a graph. Something like that, and its domain would be all real numbers. Well, how do we get from that to the function were interested in because of the to hear there's some sort of horizontal stretch or shrink that would not change the domain. And because of the minus one here, there's some kind of horizontal shift that would not change the domain either. So the domain of our function is all real numbers, and if you prefer to write that using interval notation, you can use the notation negative infinity to infinity