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Problem 43 Medium Difficulty

Find the empirical formula of the following compounds:
(a) 0.039 mol of iron atoms combined with 0.052 mol of oxygen
atoms; (b) 0.903 g of phosphorus combined with 6.99 g of bro-
mine; (c) A hydrocarbon with 79.9 mass $\%$ carbon


a) empirical formula: $\mathrm{Fe}_{3} \mathrm{O}_{4}$
b) empirical formula:PBr $_{3}$
c) empirical formula: $\mathrm{CH}_{3}$


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Video Transcript

we have to found there and pick a father for the following situation. So you know the defender Empirical father reaches. Did you find out the number of most off each element in the formula And then we're going to find a simple special between them. They're so far away. We are safe on 039 more far. And there were so 0.52 off oxygen. So we know that you're counting on their oxygen, but we just don't know the number for the ethical form there. So we're going to follow the same persuasion between two limbo Almost. Okay, so we Yeah, we can see a wish over here. You're just a divider. Um, the whole way, Jules, by the smallest number and we should be able to find is what, Roughly over 1.33 again. We cannot, um, have ah, we must have a whole number. We can have a fraction for our email formula. So therefore, it's four feet from 1.1121 point 33 But we will run down there to the only asshole. Numbers were 1.1. So the empirical form that will be ft 101 Okay, so for the second scenario, we have still point all three grandmas falls for 6.99 Grandma bro. Mean, um, we're going to convert that thio number most first. So, force for we will have ah sale for nine or three. Divided by 30 point I seven grand for more, and everyone have off the hours 0.2 now to mo. Okay, so forth, roomie. We have 6.99 grandma pro green and the booming with them as a 79.9. Um, Quinn formal. So we have soup for zero A seven. Ah, five both. Okay, so we're going to find a way she'll reaching them again. We're going to take the divide everything by the smallest number, and then we should be able to find, as ever, five artists want tears too. Put two for nine hours of 1.3. So the, um, ethical phone that maybe PPL flee. Okay, so for the last one, we have hydrocarbon with 79.9% carbon by mass. Okay, so because we're looking at the sanitation, we know that 12% eyes, huh? Um I mean, the highest percentage, So we can assume we have 100 gram so we can make a condition, you see? So we have 79 porno in grandma's cabin. Um, we because we're hydrocarbon has your covering music content, capping the hydrogen. So therefore, we will have 20.1 Granville hydrogen. We will be asking. We have wonder. Grandma. Father, how's your happens? Okay, so again, we're going to convert that to lumber. Um, Also where? 79.21 by 12. So we have roughly around 6.66 most and then for number. Most also, you were 24 1 divided by one. So were you ever in 24 1? Okay, so we're going to divide the whole thing by the synthesis. I mean, the smallest number two have the simplest way show. So you roughly 1/2. 123.1 over. Iran One too. Uh, sweetie for the same persuasion. So that's why we have ch three as Thio African formula