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Problem 42 Medium Difficulty

Find the empirical formula of the following compounds:
(a) 0.063 mol of chlorine atoms combined with 0.22 mol oxy-
gen atoms; (b) 2.45 g of silicon combined with 12.4 g of chlorine;
(c) 27.3 mass $\%$ carbon and 72.7 mass $\%$ oxygen


a) empirical formula: $\mathrm{Cl}_{2} \mathrm{O}_{7}$
b) empirical formula: $\mathrm{SiCl}_{4}$
c) empirical formula: $\mathrm{CO}_{2}$


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Video Transcript

So we have to found the empirical form. The off following are given the situation. The ethical phone essentially is the same frustration between two off. I mean all the elements in the formula. So you're the final. We just We first have to found the lump almost off off the element. And there we found the way. Show Beijing. Those elements are visions of them. Bomb off this others Emmons. You're so father for party. We have Corinne and oxygen. So we know that Corinne is 0.63 most. And then also, you will be a syrup or interests you most. Okay, wait here. We know is we contain Korean sausage, and we just We just don't know what would be the simplest way show in the outbreak of formula. So we're going to simplify this way issue. We're going to delight the whole thing by the simplest number 0.63 Okay, so from here, we should be able to find everywhere. I'm roughly 12345 Oh. Ah. Want you are fearful. 45 depending on how many? Seven figures. So for this case of Ri Ah, um, from for might have after color the color just you see around 3.45 So that's why we have 55 were here. Okay, So for free form five for this scenario, we cannot just, um I mean, a faction over there. Or maybe Ah, no hole number over there. So we need a whole number. So we can either a while, um, out to make the whole number again. So this movie, the and people form their force Korean at all surgery. All right, so for the same case, we have to fund for five grand will sicken and then trump on four. Grandma. Cor, cor. Um Corinne. Okay. So again, we just want to find some other way show between each off them. So we had to convert each off them to, um, the number most so forsaken. If we're going to convert it to a lumber both the white by the molar mass, you can find it on the pier or table, and then you should be able to find anything properly. I ran so far. Zero a 7172 Ah, who am from Bo? Sorry. 72 Graham. Because the masses 28.79 grand for more forsaken. And in for Corinne. We're going to take our master. Went by the more the mass and that we will have a lovely around 0.350 moles. Uh, no. Okay. My back. It should be mo. Also the number one most for the Seeker. All right, so we're going to find this infatuation again. We're going to divide the ah, everything about this Wallace number. So we we have one Thio. Um what? 34 point Also around women for 124 So we have says I see l four for the vehicle. Fumbler. Okay, so, um, last model is we have to a 27.3%. Ah, mass percentage off carbon and also 72.2% off oxygen. OK, so, uh, where we want you, we want to Comrade of mass. Pretend percentage in the most. So first of four, uh, for mass percentage, I would hope the whole percentage east 100%. So maybe we can assume we have 100 grand off our, um, substance or our compound. So therefore there cover where 27.9 grandma cabin oxygen will be 72.7 Granville oxygen, and then we can convert that to limbo most. So for cabin will be 2.275 And then for our oxygen, we will be, ah equals two for porn. 544 h. Okay, so we're going to set up way show, and then we're going to found the same persue show between ah refuses to number. So Ah, we find that is Murphy around 1.99 so woefully over one to choose. So therefore, we have C 02 for our empirical formula.