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Problem 44 Hard Difficulty

Find the exact length of the curve.

$ x = 3\cos t - \cos 3t $, $ \quad y = \sin t - \sin 3t $, $ \quad 0\leqslant t \leqslant \pi $




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Video Transcript

the problem is find its exact alarm. That was a curve access they got with three times consigned T minus sign three t Why his sickle To three times signed t minus sign three t and tears between zero and the pie. There's a land that was a curve l is equal to integral from there to pie. Beautif d x Yeah, squire class. Why square? I'm t so we can see the activity is negative. Three times signed. He pre signed three squire Andi If Why did He is three times who signed he minus three times Sign. Really? Squire on duty. This is Echo two interior from zero to high beautif nine. Sign. He's a squire. Class nine. Sign three Tea squire minus eighteen times. Signed. He sign great us nine. Sign he square Class nine Sign three teens squire minus in here Coastline sign three. I'm fifty. I'm here nine. Scientist square past nine. Assigned his square. It's eighteen on nine. Greedy squire class. Sorry. Nine. Signed his squire past nine. Basanti Square is nine on the nine sign three t squire plus nine. Thank consigned three T square is also nine. This's iko too. The integral from their little pie. You're tough. And here, minus eighteen times. Sign here. Sign Ready glass sign here. Sign pretty And he here. We use the formula Co sign, eh? Minus B It's equal to assign a Simon de us sign a sign B. So here this is a sign three t minus. He's the co sign Shanti Onda. Here we also use one minus. Besides identity one minus cosigned. Tootie. It's legal to two hams. Sign he square here. This is eighteen minus one minus consigned to tease. This is the multitudes integral from American pie. Tough eighteen to sign his squire. This's equal to its integral from their toe high. And this is six. Sign she This is a good time. Negative six Assigned he from zero to time. The answer is this is control, love

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