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Problem 43 Hard Difficulty

Find the exact length of the curve.

$ x = t \sin t $, $ \quad y = t \cos t $, $ \quad 0\leqslant t \leqslant 1 $


$L=\int_{0}^{1} \sqrt{t^{2}+1} d t \stackrel{21}{=}\left[\frac{1}{2} t \sqrt{t^{2}+1}+\frac{1}{2} \ln (t+\sqrt{t^{2}+1})\right]_{0}^{1}=\frac{1}{2} \sqrt{2}+\frac{1}{2} \ln (1+\sqrt{2})$


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Video Transcript

The problem is find the exact allowance off the curve. Axe is you go to Theed hams. Sign t. Why is they Goto hit hams society And he is between zero and one. We know l love of the curve. Is ICO too into girl from Harold Juan Drink. You're tough. Yeah. I can't squire us. Yeah. Why? Square? Yeah. And then this is the culture integral from zero to one. You tough. The X ditty is signed. He class, he hams, we'LL sign. He square us the extra wide It is all signed minus lead hams Sign Squire And then he simplify this function we have. This is into a girl from the road wan itself. You can see scientists choir class co signed his square as he could one and then Yeah, we have for this one. We have two times Time Key City Kasai Inti Here we have negative to tams Cosigned key. Yeah, Santee. So we can cancel out. So what do we live too? Is one plus? He squared times was sighing He's square us sign. He's square, please. But I know this is one Now this is a code to the integral from their old one. You tell one pass he's square. How to solve this? Definitely integral. You know we can use shrink substance substitution Lighted t? Yes, You goto hand data then? No tough one. Plus he's square. Is he called Tio sake? Hend, Data on the Dada on the key. It's Iko too. Second data square. They data now we need to know into Girl off second. Sit us Hell, he said this is Echo two. Oh, into girls taken the CDA and and in the data. And they will use the my third of the integration by Paz. This is Echo Two slick and data and data minus integral off hand in the city. Hey, you can see that a DC consider Izzy kowtow can and data they can Data. Yeah, Data. Yeah. Ten in the state of squad square is he? Go to second? Did a squire minus one. But this is you called Tau. Second data Can and data minus into girl off. Second date as the cube. He's gotta last into girl off second data. Now I would have two second set of Cuba, so we have, say, kind of serious. The cube space Sita is you goto one half times they canned data on and on Data class. Andi, It's integral off sick and the feta is Alan. Absolute wildly off second beta class and data and plus a constant number. See. And in our case, we know tienen a fate eyes t Andi they can consider as future one Plastic square. This is an integral off. They can paid us a cube. Make a right, right. This is equal to why half sync and the third eyes through Tough One Plus he squire And can I say that is a team and Alan Second Seed Guy's tough one. Plus, he's square on DH hand and say that is and seeing to grow is from zero one now plugging one and zero. Was this function we have? The result is one half time's motive to class. Ellen. One class tough two. This is so exact along wth of the crab

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