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Problem 22 Medium Difficulty

Find the exponential function $ f(x) = Cb^x $ whose graph is given.




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Video Transcript

Mhm. For this problem um 28 or 22 we want to look at the given information and we want to determine what kind of function we would choose for the model. So for the first one, this appears to be a um exponential function or maybe even a power function. Um This one's a little bit tricky to tell. It's very clear though that for be for part B this is going to be an exponential function cause it looks like something of the form uh to to the negative X. But because it looks something like that, that's clearly going to be an exponential. But this would be possibly shifted slightly, but that's gonna be an exponential. And then the part A we'd probably say that it's a power. Um But it could also be exponential. That is another option.