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Problem 6 Medium Difficulty

Find the Jacobian of the transformation.
$$x=v+w^{2}, \quad y=w+u^{2}, \quad z=u+v^{2}$$


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Video Transcript

Hello, You are You're going Purse? Our problem Number six from Dean Section my complaint. Doctors here. We have to find the Akopian. Okay, Thanks. Tackle given values are just X equals. We place a blue square like equals the real place You square and is there because U plus Reef Choir So the government rates day is given by Blix by no you dialects by movie and it'll x by George W and dull. Why? I know you build wide by Hillary and Bill away by told Zach similarly, those there by will you does that by Dorie those air by the Lord up you This is a three by three matrix. So we have to put the badges Rexburg early. That is no Ewing. Extell further become zero and blacks by doggy Well, I that blue is a world of misko differentiation student. Similarly, if we do all these things, they get here to you 01 by truly feel So what would be value? Just zero, then buying us learning to, you know, minus line, that is I'm getting through the side. Then bless uh through w Indio Fuller. You think so? What? Everybody answer one plus eight u v w that really that go been Really Thank you

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