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Problem 41 Hard Difficulty

Find the limit.
$ \displaystyle \lim_{t \to 0} \frac {\tan 6t}{\sin 2t} $



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Video Transcript

it's clear. Someone name right here. So we have the limit. Last T approaches Ciro, pretend 16 over a sign of to T. We could change this into sign over. CO side. Come. Always simplify this. It becomes limit instantly approaches zero. A sign of 16 over. Co sign 16. Sign of two teams. Next, we're gonna factor out one over coastline 16 and then we're gonna multiply 60 over to tea. We just simplify this. We get three times. One over the limit. Must he approaches zero. Go sign 60 forms the limit. Misty approaches. Zero for sign of 60 over 60 from one over the limit S t approaches. Zero for a sign of two tea over to tea. This equals three one one times one. This gives us three.