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Problem 6 Easy Difficulty

Find the limit.

$ \lim_{t\to\infty} \biggr\langle te^{-t} , \frac{t^3 + t}{2t^3 - 1}, t \sin \frac{1}{t} \biggr\rangle $


$<0, \frac{1}{2}, 1>$


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Video Transcript

the problem is finding a limit limit of Pico stream of energy. He turns into negativity. He's Cuban glass tea over to Cuba. Manus want she had sign Monday or energy The first limited because to infinity he had still connected T This is a cultural limit. He goes to infinity. Hey, Homer, New to you. So Auntie goes to infinity. Numerator goes to infinity. Nominator cost to infinity. So here we can use the Peter's role. So this is Nico to lament because to infinity wander over to tea Zoe Lim He goes to infinity, He's killed. Asked he over to his cube minus wants it says is equal to by half. Just be accounted. A term with highest power This city's Cuba over to Otis killed So this is what half Lim She goes to infinity. He hands sign one already that this is the culture limit. He goes to infinity sign I wanna know Right over. So Auntie goes infinity. One already goes to zero so we can't life This's limit here I use why is legal too one already? Then why close to zero sign Why? Our line says seriously control one Now the limits of this like to function Is Rico too zero one half And what