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Numerade Educator



Problem 57 Hard Difficulty

Find the mean, median, and mode.


mean: $62 ;$ median: 61 ; mode: 83


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Video Transcript

Let's first find the mean, which means we'll add all of these numbers together and divide by the number of items on our list. When we do that, we get 3 72 and we can divide that by six. There are six numbers when we get 62. Our mode is the number that occurs the most number of times, and if you look at this list, you can see 83 occurs twice. It's the only number that occurs more than once. A. That's our mode. And finally, our media will have to rewrite this into numerical order. So we'll start with the lowest number and then, well, list them in order from least two greatest. Our medium is the number that's directly in the middle. Since we haven't even number of numbers will take the two middle numbers and we'll add them together and divide by two. Finally, we get 61 as our