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Problem 60 Hard Difficulty

Find the mean, median, and mode for each set of values.
\begin{array}{lllllllllll}{9} & {6} & {8} & {1} & {3} & {4} & {5} & {2} & {6} & {8} & {4} & {9} & {12} & {3} & {4} & {10} & {7} & {6}\end{array}


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Video Transcript

so as to find the mean, immediate and mode for a given set of values. So it's pretty easy. So let's go over what the mean media and mode is. The main is basically the average right. So to find the mean, all we're gonna do is add everything up and divide by how many there are. Let's go ahead and do that. So maybe nine plus six plus eight plus one plus three plus four plus five plus tube for six plus eight plus four with nine plus 12 plus three plus four plus 10 plus seven plus six. And there are +123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 values they're 18 values. So this is all over 18. What is that equal? What we go and put that my calculator. This yields 5.94 So that is our meat. So now I don't want to do is look at the media and the median is the value that occurs the most right or should be the media is the value that is right in the middle when the, uh when they're ordered, the mode is the value that occurs the most. Let's go ahead. Do the mode first. So we'll do that right here. Mode. So what? By Christmas? Let's see, I'm just gonna go ahead and skim this. Nice. Easy. It was six Security a lot and see. 123 What else secures a lot? Maybe 412 threes. Those the time. I think that's it. So the mode we seize, actually six and four. So I say 604. Last thing I'm gonna do is the media, Gedeon. The media is simply Well, we put the numbers from lowest to highest. And then, uh, we just slice off one on each side and we get the highest. Let's go ahead, do it together. So our Lois is obviously one. So one and then our next is too. All right, then. Three. Okay, we have two threes. So we put three twice and then four. And we have four fours. Or should be a 34123 And then five when we have won five. Well, six, we have three sixes. So we put that three times. Okay. After 67 we have 17 and then eight. We have two eights and then how many nines You have? Two nines and argued Elise, and we have 1 10 and a 12. So now we're gonna go ahead and do. Is this start slicing the signs? So I think I just like this 1223456789 10 11 12 Ring foes 13 14 And we get that. The media is six. So we get the media. It's six. So let's recap. Our mean is 5.94 Our mode is six and four. So that's six common foreign. Our median is six.

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