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Problem 2 Easy Difficulty

Find the mean, median, and mode of each set of values.
307 \quad 309 \quad 323 \quad 304 \quad 390 \quad 398




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Video Transcript

Yeah. The question keeps us for our six numbers in these six members and their we can rank age frown smote big. So this morning, is there three or four with the big ears in the 398? So we can't find the media? Remember, it is 30 309 And there there is No, uh, no. Two number is the same, so they don't have mold. So mote don't have Andi to mean we can't add it and then divide over five so you can use your hyper targeted this to calculate it is no three old four ply three or seven plus three old night grass for you. 100 and 20 street last 3 19 Well, 398 is equal to to suddenly go 32 You want 31 over a five Didn't coach you 300 06 point you. So we

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