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Problem 3 Easy Difficulty

Find the mean, median, and mode of each set of values.
475 $\quad$ 722 $\quad$ 499$\quad 572 \quad 402 \quad 809 \quad 499 \quad 828 \quad 405 \quad 499 \quad 800 \quad 422 \quad$ 672$\quad$ 800




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Video Transcript

So if you put that list in your calculator, so stat at it, taping all the numbers, then stack count number 11 very stats that will give you the mean, which is 600 0.29 If you scroll down, it will give you also the median 535 0.5 and just looking at the list. Or if you need to put him in order, you can find the mode with one that appears the most to be 499.

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