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Problem 2 Easy Difficulty

Find the mean of each set of numbers.



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Video Transcript

all right if we're going to find the mean of a set of numbers which, in this case view of 13 15 17 17 and 18 So to find the mean of a set of numbers are mean is equal to R sum of all our terms over our number of terms. So we're going to take our 13 and add it to our 15 and add it to the 17 to the 17. Added to the 18. So we've got 13 was 15 plus 17 plus 17 plus 18 which is going to be gaity. So are mean is equal to 80 over a number of terms We've got 12345 So we've got 80 divided by five, which is 16. So are mean is 16.

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