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Problem 15 Easy Difficulty

Find the mean of each set of numbers.


$46 \frac{1}{2}$


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Video Transcript

for funding the mean of a set of numbers. We're going to use the equation me and equals to some of our terms. But we're a number of terms, so first you can radar numbers that are in our data set, but you're going to be 46 13 47 25 68 and 51. We're gonna add all these together in order to find our some of our terms, which will give us 250. So, I mean, is equal to 250 over a number of terms, which is one to three or uh, six terms. So you have 250 divided by six to find our mean, which means that our mean ISS 41 0.66 repeating which weaken bend round to the nearest 10 or mean is approximately 41.7

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