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Problem 12 Medium Difficulty

Find the mean of each set of values.See Example 1.
$$0 \quad 0 \quad 3 \quad 4 \quad 7 \quad 9 \quad 12$$




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Video Transcript

if we won't find the mean of assessing valleys, we need to find the song of all values and divide this by the total number of values. For example, if we're given the status up zero zero three, uh seven, nine. 12. Find the symbol values we would adult all the numbers and the status up. We need to include those errors as these are important. Well, im within kindle the title number of values. Uh, I mean it cools zero plus zero plus three. It was for with seven plus nine. Who's 12 divided by the total number values. Just 123456 happen. We have this up. We can see that this equals 35 divided by seven means the final answer on the mean of this status that equals five.