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Problem 10 Medium Difficulty

Find the mean of each set of values.See Example 1.
$$13 \quad 15 \quad 17 \quad 17 \quad 15 \quad 13$$




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Video Transcript

time I mean of a set of values. We must find song of old values in my office by the total number of values. For example, if we're given this status, that's 15 15 17 17 15 13 Find the mean we would dio 13 plus 15 with 17 plus 17 I was 15 with 13 Awful the values together And find that song and divide this by the total number of values so we can see that there alone. 23456 all years. So we would divide this by six. This equals 90 divided by sit equals 15 So the mean of the status up is 15.