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Problem 9 Medium Difficulty

Find the mean of each set of values.See Example 1.
$$3 \quad 4 \quad 7 \quad 7 \quad 8 \quad 11 \quad 16$$




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Video Transcript

on the mean of a set of values. We need toe fined the sum of old values and divide this by the total number of values. For example, if we're given the base up great. So 77 eight, 11 16 and we want to find the me and of this Davis up, we first need to dio the some of these values three plus for plus seven who's seven plus eight with 11 cough 16 and divide this by the 10th. The number values. As we can see there are 1234567 values, so we would divide this by seven. This dip SOS 56 divided by seven, which equals eight, so the mean