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Problem 14 Medium Difficulty

Find the mean of each set of values.See Example 1.
$$45 \quad 67 \quad 42 \quad 35 \quad 86 \quad 52 \quad 91 \quad 102$$




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Video Transcript

If we want to find the mean in the South of data, we need to find the soon of all values in the face up and divide this I the total number of values. For example, if we're given this state's up. Both u five 57 42 35 86 52 91 102 to find the sum of all values when you talk about all these values together, so the mean it cools. 45 Cliff 67 Those 42 I was 35. It was 80 cents 52 It's 91 this 102 all divided by Tyson number Follies. Jenna's case is 1234568 We simplify this. We don't 520 spotted by eight and this equals 65 to the mean of this day. Sat is 65