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Problem 84 Hard Difficulty

Find the mean, the median, and the mode of the collection of numbers. $$17,9,11,15,4,15,8,3,11$$




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Video Transcript

in this problem, we have to find me Media AG moored off the given collection of numbers. You find me being a given nine a bus I divide by name. So I mean is it will do stand anything last night. Blessing last 50 less for bless 15 blasting Yes, three Bless living. Do I take my nine as these are nine tumbles Bt Right there. So by nine. So this is it will do 93 Do I dig my name which is equal do 30 but divided by three and we can write it There's image as a mixed fracture one by t so I mean is equal today one by three. Now, to find the media be writing them busing order and finding me the lever the given numbers candidate that in order s Could you Yeah, it Night leather 11. 50 Justin Sang thing Now the media number is 11 And so media music while do 11 to find the more we used this order list and finding number that August most frequently the number that focused most frequently is 11 And also there is one more number that this 15 11 50 bought numbers Auker most frequently that this two number of times they are twice so more dizzy. Quite do leather an existing In this way we have found me media and more.