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Problem 19 Easy Difficulty

Find the median for each list of numbers.




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Video Transcript

this question gives us a list of numbers and asks us to find the median. The data that it gives is 100 114 125 135 150 and 172. Now, we know when we have a data set of in, um, points that the median will be at the point and plus 1/2. So here we have six data points to an equal six. Which means our data, our median will be at 0.6 plus 1/2. Just 7/2, which is 3.5. Well, how do we have a data point at 3.5? How does that make sense? Well, when you have something like this, that your median is right in the middle of your data, Uh, with no point attached to it, this will happen when you have an even number of data points. What you do is you take point the point right in front of it. So three in the point right after it for and you average them so well, uh, add them together 1 25 plus 1 35 and divide by two. That will give us the median equal to 130. And that's your final answer.