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Problem 20 Easy Difficulty

Find the median for each list of numbers.




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Video Transcript

this question gives you a list of data data set and ask you to find the median. The data that it gives you is 359 831 904 615 211 279 and 505. Now, you can tell right away that this is not in order to find a median by hand. It all you always need to have it in order listed in order somehow. So I'm gonna go from lowest to highest. I'm just gonna rearrange this so that it's in order. Our lowest is 211 then 279. Then I think it's 3 to 59 505 615 Get 8 31 and nine before now. We know when we have a list in order that's of length N the median is gonna be at point N plus one over to. That is as the that position in the list. Now we have, um 123417 here. So and is gonna be seven. Which means our meeting is going to be at the, uh, seven plus 1/2 or 8/2 or four is gonna be the fourth element in this list. So 1234 We get 505 and we know that our median is equal to 505 has your final answer.