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Problem 11 Easy Difficulty

Find the median of each set of numbers.




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Video Transcript

to find a median of a set of numbers. Your first gonna wanna wister numbers in numerical order. So we've got the numbers 23 by six intent. You want to check over them and make sure they're in numerical order, which, in this case, they are, you know, to do anything different, so we'll just rewrite, um, just to show that there are two steps to this since they were already in numerical order. You don't have to change them. Then you're going to find the middle number. That's what the median is. In this case, we have an exact middle number so you can cross off one on each side at a time, soju and turn six and three. And then you're left with one term in the middle, which is going to be your median, which is five. If there were two middle numbers, you'd find the average of the two. But in this case, it's just the single middle digit, which means that the median is five

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