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Problem 23 Easy Difficulty

Find the mode of each set of numbers.




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Video Transcript

All right, we're given a set of numbers. 17 13 16 18 in 17. We want to find the mode. The mode is our most common number. Do you think of it as mode? Most that M. O. So just looking at our numbers, you can easily see we have to seventeen's. And then one of these other numbers soar mode will be 17. Something that can help is to make a little dot chart. So for each number, put a dot for how many you have, we've got 1 13 1 16 to seventeen's and 1 18 So then 17 is higher than the other ones, so 17 is your most common. So that's kind of a trick you'd use with a bigger data set. We're to visualize better.

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