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Problem 25 Medium Difficulty

Find the mode of each set of numbers.




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Video Transcript

were given a set of numbers. 21 44 25 27 32 36 37 and 44. We want to find the mode. The motor is the most common number in our set of numbers. So something you could do when you get more numbers is make a list in numerical order and put a dot for each time a number appears in your set. This one is pretty simple to see that we have to 44 is rather than any other number you could just look and see, since you have to, that the mode is going to be 44. But if you want to see it more visually, you can write it out like this. So what you're gonna do is put a dot for each time the number appears in the set, we've got 1 21 1 44 1 25 1 27 1 32 1 36 1 37 and a 2nd 44 44 is higher than any of the other numbers, meaning that our mode is 44 since 44 is the most common

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