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Problem 26 Easy Difficulty

Find the mode or modes for each list of numbers.




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Video Transcript

this question presents you with a list of numbers and ask you to find the me the mod. Excuse me. The numbers that are printed presents are 16 15 13 15 14 13 11 15 and 14. Now, we have a lot of numbers and several of them repeat. So the way that I like to do these is, um, set up a little table and sort of as I go through the list. Check off. Um, how maney of each value I see. So I know that 16 is my highest value here, and 11 is my lowest value. So I'm gonna just count them down 18 12 and 11 and I'll go through and check them off, as I see. So I get no, have won 16. That 1 15 I have 1 13 at another 15. Ah, 14. Another 13 and 11. Another 15 and another 14. So it's all of my data, and I could see that the one that I had the most of was 15. Now, the mode we know is that is the, uh, value that shows up the most in the data. And so here, 15 is our mode that your final answer