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Problem 38 Easy Difficulty

Find the range and mode, if any, of each set of data.


Range $=5,$ mode $=4,5,$ and 7


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Video Transcript

given a set of data, we've been asked to find the range and the mode gonna put these in numerical order from least or greatest, we've got four. Another four, we have five and another five. We have a seven and another seven on eight and nine range is the difference between your largest and smallest data value. So our range is 59 minus Force five mode as any number that repeats more than other numbers. And in this case, we've got the number four repeats twice. We have the number five repeats twice, and we have the number seven repeats twice. They repeat more than the number of nine. So we do have a mode. And because each of these numbers repeat the same number of times, we actually have three modes. Number four, the number five and the number seven are all modes to this set of data.

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