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Problem 37 Easy Difficulty

Find the range and mode, if any, of each set of data.


14: none


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Video Transcript

given a set of data, we want to find the range and mode. So the first thing we wanted to put the data in numerical order from least a greatest 87 is our smallest number, followed by 80 I'm sorry. 85 is our smallest number, followed by 87 than 89 95 97 and 99. The range is the difference between the largest and smallest numbers. So 99 minus 85 equals 14 are ranges 14. Our mode is any number that repeats more than other data. In this case, none of our data repeats. Therefore, the mode is none. You don't want to write zero because the number zero could be a piece of data. The motives? None. None of the numbers repeat. None of them repeat more than any other number.

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