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Problem 43 Medium Difficulty

Find the scalar and vector projections of $ b $ onto $ a $.

$ a = 3i - 3j + k $ , $ b = 2i + 4j - k $


scaler $_{a} b=\frac{-7}{\sqrt{19}} \quad$ vector $a b=<\frac{-21}{19}, \frac{21}{19}, \frac{-7}{19}>$


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Video Transcript

the problem Use under the Skylar and the actor. Projections off. Be onto a ese. Got three. I minus regier. Plus came easy. Go to to I plus fourteen months. Kay. So first magnitude of a is equal to negative nine plus nine plus ones. This is equal to negative nineteen. Then we have to scale a projections of B A. This is the culture A Don't be over magnitude. Tough a distance. You come to six minus twelve, minus one over beautif nineteen. This's equal to negative seven over. Square it off. Nineteen. Back to projections off B onto A. This is a cultural. The scale of projections Off be onto a negative, selling over a tough nineteen terms a over McGinty off A. This is equal to negative. Seven over nineteen Holmes three. Negative three and why? But this is equal to negative. Twenty one over nineteen. But you won over nineteen on Detective seven over nine. Teen