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Problem 42 Medium Difficulty

Find the scalar and vector projections of $ b $ onto $ a $.

$ a = \langle -1, 4, 8 \rangle $ , $ b = \langle 12, 1, 2 \rangle $


scalar projection b onto $a=\frac{8}{9}$ vector projection $=<\frac{-8}{81}, \frac{32}{81}, \frac{64}{81}>$


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Video Transcript

the problem is finding the scaler and factor projections off. Be onto a A is able to make two one for eight. B is the go to twelve. Want to the first? The magnitude ofthe A is equal to the tough one. Class sixteen plus sixteenth floor. This is a court, you nine but we have two scallop projections of beyond a. This is the cultural, eh, Not to be over magnitude to faith. This is called too negative. Twelve Last four class sixteen over nine. This is a cultural and over nine there's a work to projections off beyond A This is a call to scallop projections of being on theway hams back to a over its magnitude off, eh? This is a call to eight over it. One times make tea. One for eight. This is control Negative eight over eighty one. Thirty two over one on the sixty four forward into what