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Problem 80 Hard Difficulty

Find the sum of the series.

$$ \frac {1}{1 \cdot 2} - \frac {1}{3 \cdot 2^3} + \frac {1}{5 \cdot 2^5} - \frac {1}{7 \cdot 2^7} + \cdot \cdot \cdot $$




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Video Transcript

Okay. So fun that some of the Siri's and the missus tickle too Sigma One half to the power of two and minus one over two months one and ends from once You infinity It looks. It looks very similar to one of our familiar tear Siri's Which one's that's. We can recall that our attendant X equals two x minus X cube over three plus extra power five or five and ah so Ong and equals two extra car too. And once one over two months, one times not you want to. The power of money is all here with you have that you wanted out minus one yet So it is just park attendant one half moose.