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Problem 38 Easy Difficulty

Find the volume of the described solid $S .$
The base of $S$ is a circular disk with radius $r .$ Parallel cross-sections perpendicular to the base are squares.


\frac{16 r^{3}}{3}


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "the problem is finding the volume of the described the solid as base of ice is a circular disk with writers are her lower cross sections of articulated the base A squire's with this problem for any cross section When dick cooler to the base. It is a squire here. I think note area of the cross section is the ax. Your axe. Is that this tense? Between original point here zero two cross section. So first to winning to compute the side of the cross section. So here, if this is our this party's harmed Linus Sacks with a side of cross section is our squire minus. I'm minus x square. You took this one once applied to this's the side of cross section the axe. This is called or I'm sorry, squire. Minus harmony scored that. This It is equal to four to our backs minus tax square. That's a volume of the Sorry. The ice is the coat you into girl from zero to two are max yaks. This leads to the integral from zero to two are or to our backs minus squared. Thanks. The answer is sixteen over three times. Uh, cube"}

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