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Problem 42 Easy Difficulty

Find the volume of the described solid $S .$
The base of $S$ is the region enclosed by the parabola
$y=1-x^{2}$ and the $x$ -axis. Cross-sections perpendicular to
the $y$ -axis are squares.


2 \text { units }^{3}


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "the problem is finding the volume of the described the solid as the base of ice is a region in cross the bass proble Why you called to one minus like squire on his ex access cross sections of antique er to the y axis our squire's so here for I need a cross section. It is a squire. If the distance between this cross section on DH X axis you see? But why then we have the side of cross section is the cultural two times itself one minus one. Then the area ofthe cross section iss four hams, one minus y. Then the volume of the solid is the culture into girl from zero to one all one one This wine you want how you This is control for times why minus one half Why score from zero to one? So the UN fairies four times one minus one half This is their country too"}

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