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Problem 35 Easy Difficulty

Find the volume under the given surface $z=f(x, y)$ and above the rectangle with the given boundaries.
z=\frac{x y}{\left(x^{2}+y^{2}\right)^{2}} ; \quad 1 \leq x \leq 2,1 \leq y \leq 4


$\frac{1}{4} \ln \frac{17}{8}$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "three years to dish. We're asking you to funded Very, um off dysfunction. We're one is just on the existing ago. 2 to 1 wrist and I goto Why doesn't goto for this is the render for eggs And why so? Very, um ovary Mazzy, go to ensure a group from one to fool to see Very far away Empty Grew from 1 to 2. This is wonderful ex X things away Uh huh. Excess clear for us. Weiss crea for two. Then the eggs. Do I good? If we send here If we send this means that we can integrate first. Radiant with respect to eggs. And what? This which is good too. You can read it us and savor Run full 124 Because we're going to integrate with respect to D X two eggs who are is constant. We can pull it here and then into great one true two eggs over exes grid. I don't know how I can put this down Press. Why script Go on like this, then. Too poor too. The eggs then d y I know that we're gonna put protests year MBA here. Yes. Good. So ovary and let's go to red two equal to Or suppose that he's got to exists crea press y scream Then you see the fair where that d t is good too. Because we are going to enter Great. With respect to X minutes D x, this is two eggs the eggs Just because we're going to refrigerate this with respect to eggs to x you goto beating means that X because they have here exit E X really big toe DT over too. We can have over to here did if we divide by two everywhere Yeah is that here? We have to develop, but I do. It's not minus two so that this various goto away You can have her one cute sorry one in the red shirt but And this one so I wouldn't take Remember Very you miss go to Since he grew from one to form into group this year Why indeed Grew from one good to both one of her too Here have tea I didn't cheat over disagree Then in 80 Then do you want this gonna be true Physical form one too full If we integrate this one you see that is minus one of 20 this quick one off a discreet it's one, because is one of Thio If you see where you know that this can be if we put into up would have tea minus two. Remember that we had one. And do you fight, but minus two press one is that took two minus one. Let's go to one. So means that you will be good. Toe one over. T minus one over tea. So we heard my nurse. We have a right to you. Minus It's a girl rim through this. Make to where? If I bought it and protests dis remind us one over to a t those off these two. Then we put the value of food two anyone then d y the way. This is good too. And they grew from one, 24 both If we push too. Here is one. I'm sorry I made that. It made the Children's dig because here I changed. Here is here, Jen. It's very T Tea is from it's good to excess square press y scream. Remember that very off eggs. Why very often eggs is from one toe means that very off t here I have to change the bumpers. Yeah, This is a big mystic Trojan. Very Smith wrecked boners means that you generally question So when t when x is goingto one, he and we have one square plus y squared. This is why square Press one when? Why is good too Exits Goto Truth is too square, miss. It's y square for us for Yeah, So here we put why square press ful And here report always great. Press one and I was good. So this system disinterest ble is going through here means that we have It's in mine. Us minus and minus. Positive. This in minus that. We've pressed. So we're having why? Times one toe Oregon. You can put this to here was better. Who put this here? So that will be comfortable with this one. We have y square. Do you see? Is he for asteroid? Thank this. Minus so one. Or for we put this for you, is why square press four then d y If you see where reporting why here? Just go away and white here. Pride And it's a great team. This No, Larry, too off white square press too. Because food that they're better off this way just go toe to wife. So this is good, right? Dreading by this two. This is good too. Why so means that here we can have this very well. Be good too. Remember that we have one over to here. And this is directive can be go toe to watch dividing by troops that dividing one over two times. One over two. Yeah, Your address. You when you can make a mystic. But there's no mistake. No, this is rogue. Guarded is their n off White Square. Press one. I scared Press one. Yes, that's good. There. Minus rogard removed. This warm Aaron off. Why? Scared press for and then another brother. Is this protest this with Andrew in new boots for here and didn't want so fine. Ari, this is one over four here we put very off. He don't know how I can't move this. That's okay. No, this is not okay. They tried to manage to use here. Is this strange? So we have one of a food before here and here are the ERP ERP. Where has for Aaron? Off Full cross. 15 Who's this is four square foursquare is 16 plus one is 17 Aaron off 17 minus Aaron off. When a square press one. Is Aaron off too? Just remind us, then. Minus. This is 17. 16 times to it. Press for his twin. Aaron off 20 then minus Aaron off five With this minus his press. Aaron off five. So bring me eras. This warning here on DDE what they can do? No, because we don't need this anymore. And have this our marine gonna be good too. One of our food putting for here is 16. The Ellen off 17. 17 on a seven minus putting four. Here we have watching wanting. Here we have one. Here is when it's clear, this one press two minus Aaron off too. Okay. Sorry enough to they remind us. 16 Press for Aaron off. 20 interests. Rights written everywhere. Natural Garrity. All right. And off. 20 then press and five, we are one square. Press 45 over for this is gonna be good too. This kind of beaker too full here. We can have Rugari. This is Prestes Press is 17. If you know very well for a bit off, bro. Got it. Him. Well, that's one off. This one. This one You can might pry them this times five. And then this is divide. Two times 20 is Ford. Same was twin. And using your cricket, they can find a solution, which is true. Zero 0.1 eight eight four full and other run, buddy. So this is the answer. Thank you. In the sea port, off course units offer very in. This is the answer for you."}

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