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Problem 37 Easy Difficulty

Find the work done by a force $\mathbf{F}=8 \mathbf{i}-6 \mathbf{j}+9 \mathbf{k}$ that
moves an object from the point $(0,10,8)$ to the point
$(6,12,20)$ along a straight line. The distance is measured in
meters and the force in newtons.


$W=144 J$


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Video Transcript

we have. He waas you know, 10 and eight, we have Q waas 6 12 20 Yeah, we have you just given us 60 0 now give 86 last 9 to 8 minus six now definitely waas if dot deal which is equal to a minus six on nine and dough they six to this before you do. This is so this is number two. This is so it is one or two to the given drama.

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