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Problem 35 Medium Difficulty

Find $ y" $ by implicit differentiation.
$ x^2 + 4y^2 = 4 $


$y^{\prime \prime}=-\frac{1}{4 y^{3}}$

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B D.

March 5, 2021

I just don like that there is almost no explanation! So, I guess this site is just to see the anwser not to improve knowledge.

Video Transcript

if this problem were given in question. Expert always hurt before. And whereas find secondary, why must first find first Barrett off. Why? So let's take a look of all the traffic expert. Have to ex plus eight. Why and why? Primacy From this we see that weapon is going native x or y l Let's use kosher cruel and take their toe that one weapon will then be negative. Oh, or war waas. So minus X times or Y front divided by 16 wide screen here we know what y prime iss So we're gonna take this and implicated here that would give us negative off or wine or ex times actual. Or why divided by sting y squared basis Negative off or Wes Craig who? Less expert right by 16 for Cube. Now look at what we have here in the numerator and look at the orginal equation and those are the same. So we know that this is equal before, so we can then right y double time has negative four or 16 Like you. Yes, Well, guess allowed for the answer is negative warrant or or why you