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Problem 41

Finding a Particular Solution In Exercises $37-44…


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Problem 40

Finding a Particular Solution In Exercises $37-44,$ find the particular solution of the differential equation that satisfies the initial condition(s).
$f^{\prime}(s)=10 s-12 s^{3}, f(3)=2$


f(s)=5 s^{2}-3 s^{4}+200


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Video Transcript

So we live in a solvent in French equation. It's private Dicks. Single, too, sir. The time. Continue minus 12. That's cute. When three Ines two Remember should be. That's a promise. Yeah, troubling ties has cleared my house you as to the fourth, So it's over for which is three person constant C No after three. A sequel to Fun Times nine minus three. Sounds like one Quincy. Another three. Who's to Know, I think was a 45 243 caucusing tickle too 119. No cause thing that tells us see, is two plus one. I need just 200. That means that original function less is equal to Fires Square when this three as to the fourth, close to 200. That's our particular solution we're looking for who pronounces your questions

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