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Problem 26 Easy Difficulty

Finding an Indefinite Integral In Exercises 15- 36 , find the indefinite integral and check the result by differentiation.
$\int \frac{x^{4}-3 x^{2}+5}{x^{4}} d x$


$x+3 x^{-1}-\frac{5}{3} x^{-3}+6$


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Video Transcript

So we're looking for Yeah. Next. The fourth, minus three X squared. Fine. Oh, thanks forthe. Yeah, thanks. It happens to be equal to the anti derivatives one minus three over X squared Bliss five over X to the fourth Jax. She's also equal to the anti dream of one thing. Three x a negative two because five next to the fourth necks, which is great. Super PACs. Find us link next to the big one. Less three over one. Close blank next to the mayor. That's fine. Really. Qassem constancy. That's really good. X Plus three extending one minus five three. Except you three. That's some constant C of that helps.