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Problem 37

Finding a Particular Solution In Exercises $37-44…

Problem 36

Finding an Indefinite Integral In Exercises 15- 36 , find the indefinite integral and check the result by differentiation.
$\int\left(4 x-\csc ^{2} x\right) d x$


\frac{4 x^{1+1}}{2}+\cot x+C


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Video Transcript

we're looking for. And for X minus, Chrissy squared. D'oh! Now this is blank looks squared. So divide for two, Linus. No, that's right. Attention. Thanks. Let's remember that. The contention. Negative, Cursi. Close and constancy. What? To x squared Those contingent Max crossing to check this. Just remember that, Dean. Yeah, Thanks. Two ex clear. Close contention. Thanks. You can't be in question for X once. Cook seeking squared attacks.

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