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Problem 105 Easy Difficulty

Fission, the process that supplies energy in nuclear power plants, occurs when a heavy nucleus is
split into two medium-sized nuclei. One such reaction occurs when a neutron colliding witha $^{235} \mathrm{U}$ (uranium) nucleus splits that nucleus into a $^{141} \mathrm{Ba}$ (barium) nucleus and a $^{92} \mathrm{Kr}$ (krypton) nucleus. In this reaction, two neutrons also are split off from the original $^{235} \mathrm{U}$ Before the collision, the arrangement is as shown in Fig. 8.49 $\mathrm{a}$ . After the collision, the $^{141} \mathrm{Ba}$ nucleus is moving in the $+z$ -direction and the $^{92} \mathrm{Kr}$ nucleus in the $-z$ -direction. The three neutrons are moving in the $x y$ -plane, as shown in Fig. 8.49 $\mathrm{b}$ . If the incoming neutron has an initial velocity of magnitude $3.0 \times 10^{3} \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$ and a final velocity of magnitude $20 \times 10^{3} \mathrm{m} / \mathrm{s}$ in the directions shown, what are the speeds of the other two neutrons, and what can you say about the speeds of the 141 $\mathrm{Ba}$ and $^{92} \mathrm{Kr}$ nuclei? (The mass of the 14 $\mathrm{Ba}$ nucleus is approximately $23 \times 10^{-25} \mathrm{kg},$ and the mass of $^{92} \mathrm{Kr}$ is about $1.5 \times 10^{-25} \mathrm{kg} . )$


$=1.5 v_{\mathrm{Be}}$


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Video Transcript

{'transcript': "I have Even this is the problem based off nuclear prison off you're really into 35. But their nuclear new place off rhythm to 36 has Tom if isn't in tow. People size nuclear off equal atomic number 46 each. We have a local public first part of the day off Food alternately are really is off. Two. Daughter Nicolle Given. Really, it's up. You don't him to 36 it 7.4 and 10 to the power off my list. 50 m and Dr Nicolas is splitting into equal bottom Since both the daughter nucleus split me in tow. Equal volume volume are both Be even be too It's called toe. The way to do it will be four by three pipe article It's going toe four by three Pipe are you by two. So on simplifying you will get our It's cultural So until the first part will be this a 7.4 in tow. 10 to the power bi ness 50 divided by this. So this until ability 15 m in second part. Be a fruit plate, a ticket, but we have to fight kind of taking a day off each daughter nuclear. Uh, very part of it. Set foot injury energy off. Each witness will be potential energy. Sorry. Put until eternity. Off interaction between the two daughter Nicolle is so find that kind of dignity is called kind of dignity of your tunic label vehicle tow you by toe because both having the same bucks. So they quite equal kind of dignity. So it would be who want to, you know, save it in tow. Tend to dip our minus 11 jewels. So this is the answer off. Be part This is the answer off. First part. This is the interrupt people. Now we have to discuss the sea part and see, but we have to calculate the energy really by the prison off in Katie, off uranium and already released and off. Can your uranium that it's not solving it. Number off Nikolay eight and Dongo Uranium can divided by 2. 36 you atomic mass unit, but atomic. So it will be We'll help you. Who went fight, fight and 10 to the power 25 Nuclear nucleus Religion. The energy do so purple in our gillies. Each photo number off nuclear in tow energy released by each Nicolas. So it will be one quite, you know, six in tow. Tend to the Barbaro. 15 years. That is 53 points. You know, plants off TNT. So this is the Antero he part. No people by. We call it electric. Um, because it is ordered electric bomb since and that report Intel Energy, Relax. Kind of energy of the particles there. Some for this problem. Thanks for watching."}