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Problem 52

For each pair of substances, choose the one that …

Problem 51

For each pair of substances, choose the one that you expect to have the higher standard molar entropy $\left(S^{\circ}\right)$ at $25^{\circ} \mathrm{C} .$ Explain your choices.
\begin{equation}\begin{array}{ll}{\text { a. } \mathrm{CO}(g) ; \mathrm{CO}_{2}(g)} \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad {\text { b. } \mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{OH}(l) ; \mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{OH}(g)} \\ {\text { c. } \operatorname{Ar}(g) ; \mathrm{CO}_{2}(g)} \quad \quad \quad \quad \quad {\text { d. } \mathrm{CH}_{4}(g) ; \operatorname{siH}_{4}(g)} \\ {\text { e. } \mathrm{NO}_{2}(g) ; \mathrm{CH}_{3} \mathrm{CH}_{2} \mathrm{CH}_{3}(g) \quad \text { f. } \operatorname{NaBr}(s) ; \mathrm{NaBr}(a q)}\end{array}\end{equation}


$\mathrm{a} . \mathrm{CO}_{2}(\mathrm{gas})$
b. $C H_{3} O H($ gas $)$
c. $C O_{2}($ gas $)$
d. $\operatorname{SiH}_{4}(\mathrm{gas})$
e. $C H_{3} C a_{2} C a_{3}(\mathrm{gas})$
f. $N a B r$ (aqueous)



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Video Transcript

for each pair off the substance. Use the one that you expect to have higher standard Moller and Trudy at 25 degrees Celsius. Explain your choices. Do tell Aunt will be here. The three thing that you want to check Stay. Don't matter. Solid liquid gas gases will have higher and ruby than liquid liquid has higher entropy them solid makes the complexity. Omar Looking for instant Take a look. A question Number one If you are a If you look at it, it has the ball a guest. See overs A c 02 gases C 02 Well, have a higher standard woman. And Robie, because it's more complicated is as well Animals in is market Okay, because is for 11 CEO has to Adam's right. One cover went out to see Jin. And when you go to Seo, too, it has three Adam because we got one C e o c and in tool. Unless look at B B and B is gonna be just stayed all matter because we have C H three. Ohh! Liquid versus E into the O age gas. So, in this case, the one that is guest is gonna be higher Mona and Ruby, Because again, it's a state of matter. Okay, so that's all you're gonna need to explain it. So for this one, the explanation will be it is because of guests. Okay, guess alway has higher entropy than the liquid. Next one. See? Same idea as a the explanation is gonna be the same thing. So, Seo to versus a g a r gases. They are both gases sub c 02 has small number off Adam Dee Dee's a little bit difference. D is we have c h four versus as I age four. So in this case is gonna be as I age full, by the way, as in the question should be up, OK, because there's a moment you different atoms is Guess my cable, the gas. But as I age, fool is higher mass. This is the reason why, um, e and 02 versus ch three ch to stage three guesses. Obviously, Now we can tell that will be a ch three c h to see h three gasp because it hospital Adams, right? Because it says a lot if you take a look at that, uh, f in this case we're comparing solid versus agrees we're gonna go with a curious because it creates is a dissolve particle. Okay, so dissolved particles will have higher. Um, entropy. Let me just move that up. We have hi as then solely. And they're exactly the same chemicals because when they dissolved the dissociate, okay, they dissociate into particles. So boys, ever any br when he dissolved, they're not gonna say any BR. They cannot return into any plus. And they were gonna have a B R minus. And then I was just flotilla. So that's why a qui is as a higher and Trudy, then the solid happy study.

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