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Problem 33 Easy Difficulty

For grouped data, the modal class is the interval containing the most data values. Find the modal class for each collection of grouped data.
Use the distribution in Exercise 1.




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Video Transcript

this question asks us to find the motile class from the distribution of data we found in exercise One. If you remember, we had a group of a couple ranges. Um, they went from 0 to 24. 25 to 49. 50 to 74 75 to 99 100 to 24 and 1 25 to 1 49 And then we counted up their frequencies. Frequencies went like this, That four, then eight, then five in 10 and 45 Now we know the mode is the value that appears the most in our data. And so out of all the frequency is the highest frequency. Here is 10 which means our motile class or our class with the most frequency is 75 through 99. Does your fine