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Problem 18

For the following exercises, solve each system by…

Problem 17

For the following exercises, solve each system by Gaussian elimination.
\begin{aligned} 2 x-y+3 z &=17 \\-5 x+4 y-2 z &=-46 \\ 2 y+5 z &=-7 \end{aligned}





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Video Transcript

so way Notice that we already have the equation in terms of the lion's scent. So we tried to eliminate the X. Now, by doing so, we were wanted nine by trust by five. And this is gonna put you on when we had him out to me. Is that five times one blessed due times two. So it doesn't give us and say good. You're zero for that. Thanks. And, uh, where five minus fighting. Why? Minus five plus eight. So we'll be Trey. Why fit they man ist for So Plus, they live in was set because you're 17 and we have to buy classifies that you could you minus seven. And now we're We're Temps de Force one. Bet you the 2nd 1 day three and then we do the subjection. So it's got the self under. Why? And we got a gentle too Janitors, it minus the 15 under seven isn't what it could you that they fall and tenacity 21 defy citizen Miss that sent in court. You defined remember seven at these decisions. What is that now? Doesn't recognize that. Why wouldn't we Ju We can use a second here, So even a minus seven. Modify Incent. I want you saying that. Minus seven. Minus five. Time for Defi over 72 fronting. Captain nine This five times 25. So we got 3 34 Remember, too? So one sip tea. June Divided by seven as the surgeon friend of mine on now fund Is that for the X? We can use the first question so expertly. Coach You 17 plus. Why? Ministry isn't development you. We got 17 plus one city to develop for seven minutes. Three times for it. If I remember seven. Never met you. We got so the seven bless. 162 you mind? Three times 25 1 60 day. Remember too? That 58. Do you have a seven?