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Problem 20

For the following exercises, solve each system by…


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Problem 19

For the following exercises, solve each system by Gaussian elimination.
\begin{aligned} 2 x+3 y-6 z &=1 \\-4 x-6 y+12 z &=-2 \\ x+2 y+5 z &=10 \end{aligned}


$x=4, y=-6, z=1$



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Video Transcript

So here we can eliminate their ex near by juice and, uh, one times two less with it too. So we'll be Jude Tim's one. And when, uh Ju so is the event zero for banks and then six plus in the six, so he could do zero Wonder why it's well ah, morning, Dan and ministry and, uh, ministry plus with the drought So he means and then doesn't give us though you could use Oh, so here we have on on Lee eso equation Wanna question Judy and multiple me on this? So one way isn't from blast that so it doesnt implies that the question two technical June, uh managed to terms in question one. So now doomed. Uh uh From two and three we can take no Ah weaken Thio Ah, three with terms with the fall on DDE Far times, no question tree and we bless with equal to So we should get going too. Zero for the banks and now found him still be eight eight minus six on will be to you. Could you teach Children? Why on dhe gente Yes, on track B plus that did you? Is that you go Jew front. A minister too. Well, Ego Thio, 58. So from here, we should get uh uh Why would you go do that? The eight minus that Jews sent to remember too. That's missing is a window. Andi, is that and why? And we have anyone to question here. So it doesn't. It means that the system in question here has infinitely many solutions. So let's say we fixed the Zephyr pickle juice zero, then the why who got you a job? But your night then on doesn't unless that the banks will go. Ju can use the Leslie questions with under 10 minus ah zero. And then my house, the Jew Thames net that they mate two ego to minus 28. So that's one particular solution. Never had many jobs in him. I shouldn't want variable. Good. You want fixed value? So, Dan, somebody Monday Infinite solutions

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