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Problem 30

For the following exercises, solve each system by…


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Problem 29

For the following exercises, solve each system by Gaussian elimination.
\begin{aligned} 6 x-5 y+6 z &=38 \\ \frac{1}{5} x-\frac{1}{2} y+\frac{3}{5} z &=1 \\-4 x-\frac{3}{2} y-z &=-74 \end{aligned}





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Video Transcript

So you're vied working with the fraction weaken. Turn that system. You questioning by six. Thanks. Mystifying. Why bless six cents a project? That name became the 1st 1 The same. The 2nd 1 We wanted everything by 10. Ah, and recording. Yeah, someone with intimate 10. So it Rhonda 10 tens. Ah, tender memories find with you too. Thanks, minus five. Why Class six? Zen Koji 10. And then that's when we went back by two. So again, there must eight. Thanks. On my tree y minus green line on then minus two is that includes two cent ift for times two minus one 108. So we can just 123 So we should hit now, huh? To eliminate way said under one in the jury had this same 500 set for fuck off on for no one so we can eliminate it. Sent here by doing the one minus two. So one honest too. So I wish. Can't this one what you good job usually implies that six minutes will be far. My end us fi on den. We minus That would be zero for Why a swell then when you go to a minus 10 b 28 Just organize that excellent cultural seven as a 1st 1 for the thanks and fondue. And one on one way can find we can We can put the executes seven into, uh, into the second. So we should remind us checking in It s Manus Fi. Why? Plus x sent Rico Joe. Excellent. Seven. You'll be fronting. Bring on the honest signs that we got this far. And now ministry Y minus two is that you go to seven times on it will be 56 then we print on it soon becomes a place so so and becomes minus 92. So promise to you we can with Bender second by a tree and then we end about then we can eliminate Is that now? So were gone uh, minus five minus ni will be Manus for then one. Could you? Ah, we have 23 And then we just went far. Thio 80 so and minus Yes, well, so does it implies that the one we go to minus 2 18 Divine menace for then. So when a man is cancelled out, didn't find it very fronting between 20 and now knows that We're good Thio they can use the last question may be the second question. So is that my from the second That way Cultured can menace to express fine. Why did number six You got 10 minutes, Jill Tim. Seven Best five times 20. And I'm a six. Gun 110 minus something. 96 Divine Ms Six saying that. 16. So under solution for that. Excellent. Why? And is that?

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