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Problem 38

For the following exercises, solve each system by…


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Problem 37

For the following exercises, solve each system by Gaussian elimination.
\begin{array}{l}{0.1 x-0.2 y+0.3 z=2} \\ {0.5 x-0.1 y+0.4 z=8} \\ {0.7 x-0.2 y+0.3 z=8}\end{array}





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Video Transcript

and we were trying to eliminate and why? But look, in the first and the 3rd 1 when they asked him, you know, so couldn't warn women has this tree when we get, uh, miners up on six. Thanks on, Ben. You go to minus six. So it doesn't mean that next week a good Thio uh, 10. That's the first social 100. Thanks. And now, if we move on Jeremy to eliminate the why on the honest night, you can't think, uh, do we terms with the Jew? Uh, June terms? Did ju then remind us with the, uh, and being a week just wanna be easier? Yeah, I was one. I'm honest to attempt the number, Joe. So we should get on to Tim's. Yeah. Yeah. All right. Is that to do with Ah, Jew Temps number Joe Romanus Tournament victory. So destitute. That one. And then we got to go for the wine for the next week on, Uh ah. One minus one. Minus visible. Servant obeys the country. Thanks. And now the serpent ate minus the country baiI plus no one I That one's open fires that Let's go, Jew. 16 miners. I would be a huge. Great on Dhe because actually, go to 10 certainly and blast them three. So listen, I was done. Is that it? Could you? I ain't minus three. D remembers about five. So I gotta go, Joseph. I modified by trickery. But if I find if I buy, you're gonna fi. But you can So is any project 10. So when Zeneca 10 the wine can be computed by inducing The isn't the 1st 1 So why would you? Could you is upon one. Thanks. Plus you're open Crees and Manus to divide by jumping into a car. Ah, one plus three minus two. Your five minutes is open to if our money June be true, Junior via Belgium. But you got 10. So the surgeon Henry 10. 10 10.

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