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Problem 40

For the following exercises, solve each system by…


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Problem 39

For the following exercises, solve each system by Gaussian elimination.
\begin{array}{l}{1.1 x+0.7 y-3.1 z=-1.79} \\ {2.1 x+0.5 y-1.6 z=-0.13} \\ {0.5 x+0.4 y-0.5 z=-0.07}\end{array}





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Video Transcript

So we were trying to eliminate a Y by doing so The 1st 1 with hams. The five second one with him. With seven, we subject them so five times number one minus seven times the number two when we can will be fired upon five on den minus. Ah, You want time? Seven under minus. I want your ex on for a while, but you eliminated from this is that we have Do drip on one times five. Yes, with ah one on six times seven. So gonna mind us? Uh, 26.7 sent you go to. So we do the minus. So it would be not true here. So they're minus which you get on Jeep on one times by my nest. Yeah. 116 Him seven commanders fall upon a tree said and, uh 01 on 79 times minus five. And now I'm contacting Time seven. We're gonna minus eight bombs so far. That's the first question. Which, in essence, sent on a second wish in question was meant to be. He turns the second by far on the Birdman Verify and was subject them uh, ju minus 53 Use us a good Jew. Some con paint, One for my nest. Uh, one Fi. I'm a knight. Thanks On Dan. Fun is that Ah six pun for minus six Pon Farr No. Well minus, minus weekends. Plus good job on five. So much between one night isn't going to So, uh uh, my 512 Uh, no, no Is opening night You meet me My neck? No, on five to. And now we subjected me. Plus no, five times tree. So does the bone 35. It comes my last 17 cell from here. This is me far. I'm 19 now. So Enoteca curated one when you use their substitution, it would be easier to use this competition here. So this one way glass that no excellently go to minus I ain't bones are far plus for countries ent divine my minus and I want to on dhe. Then we can put this next year into you so we can get 519 times going to minus 81 So far, Citizen can write down a nurse when we'd be Ain't bones off for de vibe in I want to. So it's not nice. It's our chicken Like that miss four countries ent you learn by madness night on Joe and then my ministry on knives that you could you manage upon 17. So we should get 519 times. Hey, Bones. Oh, fall got in. Could you? And then we want to know everything by on dive one too. So we got down 47. 46 class taipan nine times. Hard country, huh? 25. 27. My nose becomes a place now, so it would be okay. Trayvon 99 point you. So 35 times 88 is that he could you deserve 1 17 times the times Ni prone to going one on 5647 addition means then No. 25 Tim Bond seven plus $35 a 16. 1.25 with that, where it could you 11564 minus for the seven bond for 36. Like a G minus 25.7 Jill. So that we go geo by my city one don't identify. So wait, So it goes drugs speaking with being minus gone. Seven for nine. So we write it up on and, uh, we'll have is that we can find the exit using this question. No So x. We're good. You're minus Sandro far thus far. Country Tim sent going B minus their front seven for nine. Even my minus 91 too. So we should get attempts for on three Managed on Jeff. Do you find getting by? No, I'm going to. So I got a job. One to geo Far that we meet the ex and now I know why. Can be computed by me Well, conduce the last question. So why we called you? Minus Zeppelins or seven minuses? Open five x plus their bonfire. Why finds that do you guys want for? So we again, isn't it? Could you is we mean that Thanks, Thames. Ah, they're Fi and, uh, minus. There comes there are seven and then ah, a The miner was the example. Fi taps with desert me coaches up on 7 49 Now we leave my everything by German from so that Why would you mind is still gone 64 That's gonna be himself. That explains that No. Well,

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